László Lajtha International Folk Music Conference

The László Lajtha International Folk Music Conference was first organised in 2021 as a part of Trilla folk music festival hosted by Martonvásár. The tradition continues in 2022.


The conference focuses on two major themes: the heritage and folk song collections of László Lajtha, and opportunities, best practices in folk music higher education, with European and Hungarian case studies.


We hope that the second year of the László Lajtha International Folk Music Conference will continue building the international network of folk music educators and experts, and that this cooperation will only grow stronger and more impactful over the next years.


This year features an exhibition in honour of László Lajtha which will be presented in the conference room, courtesy of dr. István Pávai and the Hungarian Heritage House.



9:50 – Welcome speech by Endre Liber


Section 1: Best practices in folk music education (in English)
10:00–10:45 Esko Järvelä: Towards social musicianship
11:00–11:45 Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven: All that matters is a good tune
12:00–12:45 Tetiana Cherneta, PhD: The education practices of kobza and bandura players in Ukraine


Lunch break


Section 2: The heritage of László Lajtha (in Hungarian)
14:00–14:45: dr. Berlász Melinda: Lajtha László írásműveinek összkiadása
15:00–15:45: dr. Pávai István: Lajtha és az erdélyi népzene
16:00–16:45: dr. Solymosi Tari Emőke: Lajtha zenéje a koncertéletben és hangfelvételeken – tendenciák az elmúlt évtizedekben


Attendance is free. The conference hosts both English and Hungarian language presentations. Translation is not available.