László Lajtha International Folk Music Conference

The László Lajtha International Folk Music Conference will be first organised in 2021 as a part of the event series of a folk music festival in Martonvásár. The conference focuses on two major themes: the heritage and folk song collections of László Lajtha, and opportunities in higher education of folk music studies, with European and Hungarian case studies.

Our goal is to facilitate an exchange of best practices and accumulated experience between higher education institutions across Europe that offer practice-oriented folk music education programmes. Our hopes are to grow and sustain a European network of folk music academics and professionals, and to foster long-term projects and collaborations. We are also planning to found an international folk music festival, collaborating with our conference speakers and participants and representatives of the Hungarian Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

We hope that the first year of the László Lajtha International Folk Music Conference will plant the seed of an international network of folk music educators and experts, and that this cooperation will only grow stronger and more impactful over the next years.

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Conference schedule